solar pv generator for off-grid power supplies

Solar Generators For Remote Off-Grid Sites

  • Modular Off-Grid Solar PV Generators

    Modular solar pv container units with battery storage, in a range of sizes and power ratings. Multiple Solar-Gen units can work together.

  • Fully Pre-engineered Solutions

    Pre-designed, pre-assembled, pre-wired and fully tested.

  • Customisable To Your Needs

    Custom units available. Space allocated for client equipment.

  • Cost Effective

    Minimal transport, installation and commissioning costs. Secure and re-deployable.

  • Simple & Quick Installation

    Designed to be quick and easy to set up. Can be installed in a matter of hours.

  • Advanced Design

    Incorporates over 25 years of experience in designing & supplying commercial off-grid power systems.

  • Full Technical Support & Monitoring

    Expert technical staff on hand. Each Solar-Gen unit can be remotely monitored.

  • Designed & Built in the UK

    Engineered for (almost) any location in the world.

“We’ve been custom designing and building off-grid solar pv systems for over 25 years.

Our system designs have evolved as the technologies have improved. These days, it’s easy to build modular systems that can work independently or together to provide more power.

When creating the Solar-Gen range we designed it so that in its standard form it would have been a viable solution for 95% of the off-grid power systems we have ever supplied.

Using the latest technology, all of the Solar-Gen range can feed detailed status & power data onto an online portal for remote monitoring from anywhere in the world.

I think this is the future for commercial off-grid power systems.”

Graham Robey,

solar generator units with power storage
Multiple Solar-Gens can work together as a mini-grid.