Solar Gen - Mobile Off-Grid Solar Containers

What is Solar-Gen ?

Solar-Gen is a new range of customisable solar pv generators with battery storage, housed in modified shipping containers. 

The solar pv arrays have peak outputs from 800 Wp to over 10,000 Wp and larger systems can link together into a mini-grid.

The standard Solar-Gen systems consist of a solar pv array, control panel, battery bank and very often an inverter/charger/ups.

The Solar-Gen battery bank is  custom sized for the client’s load to provide typically from 5 to 15 days autonomy, depending on how critical the application is and where the system will be located.

The Solar-Gen range can be fitted with OPzV Lead Acid, Lead Carbon or Lithium batteries. 

A wide range of power output voltages are available – all the way from 12, 24 & 48 VDC up to 240V AC and 400/415V AC (3 Phase). Peak power output on the larger AC systems is currently 75 kVA (1ph), and 180 kVA (3ph). 

Diesel or fuel cell generators can be added to the system for mission-critical systems.

solar-gen off-grid power container
One of 3 Solar-Gen off-grid power units built for Sensornet


Why Solar-Gen ?

Solar-Gen is a logical and proven solution for commercial and industrial applications needing a convenient and reliable off-grid power supply for remote sites.

Solar-Gen was primarily designed with remote telecoms, telemetry and monitoring systems in mind.

Benefits :

  • Choice of Power Ratings & Output Voltages

  • Easy To Specify

  • Custom Modifications

  • Client Equipment Space

  • Strong & secure

  • Easy to transport

  • Quick & simple to deploy

  • Re-deployable & reusable.

  • Cost effective – minimal installation required.

  • High reliability

  • Remote Online Monitoring

  • Excellent Support

Who Is Solar-Gen Manufactured By ?

The Solar Gen range is assembled in the UK by EDC Limited, specialists in off-grid power systems for over 25 years.

The power components fitted to the Solar Gen units are carefully selected to ensure that only the best quality brands are used. This in turn, leads to excellent reliability.

Our supply chain includes solar pv modules from REC, Jinko, and Canadian Solar. Our battery brands include Hoppecke, Exide, Leoch and Pylontech.

Morningstar & Victron supply all of the controllers and inverters.

Solar-gen off-grid pv control panel for solar containers
Solar-gen off-grid solar pv control panel

When Can We Deliver ?

Lead times are typically approx 12 weeks from order – however please bear in mind that extra custom modifications can add to this.

The battery industry has been recently experiencing massive demand and as such many manufacturers lead times have been extended. Our own battery supply chain is currently stable, with major suppliers such as Exide, Hoppecke and Leoch.

Where Do We Supply ?

Designed & assembled in the UK, Solar-Gen units can be transported to almost anywhere in the world. Easy transportation helps keep shipping costs to a minimum.

How To Proceed ?

If Solar-Gen seems to fit your requirements – please contact our system design team.
Please provide details of the type of application, your average daily power requirement and where the system will be installed.

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